He has always been an activist, long before the sash. It was his can-do attitude that motivated him to compete in elections. He sees titleholders as activists who empower diversified groups. Therefore, he initiated Polish Latex Assembly (PLAY), the first formal rubber group that joined Polish Leather Uniform Group (PLUG). He is the author of fetish podcast, “Kross in touch”, where he talks with guests about anything of interest to the community. After the handover of sash, he intends to continue his work on the wider Polish and international scene.

Pusckatt ONYX, Mr. International Rubber 26 from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, is a vibrant leader in the global fetish community, initiating discussions and fostering inclusivity. He’s held key roles in ONYX Deep South formerly as President, Vice President Road Captain, and currently as the Board Member of ONYX Deep South. Pusckatt, also a Board member of Florida Rubber, Ujima Men’s Collective and is an Honorary member of Leather & Fetish Milano and Stonewall Knights motorcycle club. He’s grateful for the support from his husband, Vision Onyx, and Boy Wiggles. His influence extends beyond the fetish community, demonstrating his commitment to unity and inclusivity.

This year we have a special person among our jurors. Eddie is not only a great fan of the rubber fetish (and not only that), but also the creator of a unique gay dating application – Switched. Eddie is also a member of the London Rubbermen.

When, a few months after winning the Mister Rubber Poland 2017 sash, he was getting ready to go to the USA, even in his wildest dreams he did not imagine that he would return from overseas as a new MIR 21. In earlier interviews, he mentioned that, looking back, the most important thing for him was not winning the title of Mister, only the opportunity to overcome inner demons and fears.

Lover of Shibari with thight knots to the wider fetish scene. He is a co-founder of Multi Fetish Poland group, chapter member of Refform Foundation, and co-organiser of Bear & Fetish Camps.
His fetish journey started with leather, but over time he stretched his interests, so to speak. Now he indulges himself in rubber. It should not come as a surprise that he chose materials science as his PhD. For work, he leads a research group in a renowned Polish institute. He specialises in materials and research methods. Therefore, his presence in rubber jury seems justified, if not desired.

He won the European sash after winning the title of Mr Leather London 2023. As he says, his hobby is gaining knowledge about the history of the leather and fetish community, as well as traveling and building strong relationships with similar groups/clubs. She believes that drawing from the history of the fetish community and creating safe and inclusive spaces are tools that can positively shape our fetish future. He is passionate about spreading this message across Europe.

His passion, as he mentioned in the Mister candidate’s questionnaire, is gardening, hairdressing and modeling. When composing his image, he likes to use classic black leather, often seen in the illustrations of the well-known Tom of Finland. Winning the title of Mister did not prevent him from remaining open to others and inspiring similar openness. When asked about the 2023 elections, he recalls that his greatest fear was the lack of community acceptance due to his relatively short social experience in the leather community.

He treats winning the title of Mister as a great honor, but also a great responsibility, and for him the sash is more than just an eye-catching decoration on his leather uniform. As he confessed, he feels great pride in being able to represent the Hamburg leather scene – in the city, at home and abroad. He believes that the visibility of the leather fetish in society is extremely important, and his role as Mister is to raise awareness of it and fight for even wider social acceptance. As he emphasizes, the time of hiding must end! In his mission, he considers personal contacts as particularly valuable, but also cooperation with various entities.

The fourth Polish Mister Leather Poland in history, winner of the 2014 elections and winner of the title of Vice Mister Leather Europe. He charmed the audience with a performance in which he parodied Pam Ann, showing, among other things, how to stay safe by wearing a harness and where the “emergency” exits to… darkrooms are. As he revealed at the end of his term in an interview for Box Magazin, he was surprised and disgusted by the complicated relations prevailing in the Polish leather community at that time. He was energized by the knowledge that what he was doing as Mister was important to many leather fetish fans in Poland.

Representative of the bear community, member of the Bears of Poland and Polish Leather Uniform Group associations. The opponent of pigeonholing and assigning people to one specific group or community is a perfect example of the fact that leather and fetish styles in general are suitable for anyone who feels good with them. A streamer known as Daddy_Sayjan, a fan of computer games and… a fan of training at the gym. Looking for an honest opinion? You’ve come to the right address, because Marcin doesn’t play diplomatic games.