We are very happy to present this year’s candidates for both titles! Taking part in elections very often means having to leave your comfort zone, overcome various fears and be judged by the jury and the audience. Even though it is primarily fun, it is not easy to decide to take part in it. The members of our fetish community shown below deserve huge applause, respect and words of appreciation.

SMS VOTING: you can vote for the candidate of your choice by sending an SMS message. You can only vote for one leather candidate and one rubber candidate from a given phone number. The cost of sending a message is the same as the cost of sending a regular SMS according to your operator’s tariff. SMS voting will end at 11:59 p.m. on April 26, 2024. The candidate’s final result will consist of the jurors’ votes, the votes of the audience gathered in the club and SMS votes.

Łukasz wants to get to know the Polish community better and help build relations with other communities abroad. He likes to face his introversion by taking part in crowded events as his character resembles that of a cat – he can be tamed with a little bit of patience. As a metal music fan, he wore leather as a teenager. As a fetish man, leather only became special to him about 2 years ago. He is passionate about traveling, sports (including windsurfing, skiing, canyoning), and music (singing and playing the piano).

Szymon treats taking part in the competition as a challenge. In his case, the excitement of it is accompanied by some of his own fears. He would like to show other people – who are still staying in the shadows – that they can also come out and say OK., I will try. He started his adventure with leather when he was a student. He is zodiacal Aries, fan of Mexican cuisine, Lana del Rey, and League of Legends.

Jakub is convinced that as the new Mister Leatherman Poland he will be able to do “a lot of cool things” for the community – including educating about kinks and fetishes. Leather allows him to express himself and makes it easier for him to make new friends, even though his adventure with leather has only started. Outside of kink, he specialises in graphic design and 3D animation. He loves video games and long sessions on niche YouTube channels.

Tomek would like to take latex into public spaces, though integration of existing communities (including PLAY) is equally important to him. He has a lot of ideas for educating, promoting rubber and co-operating with other groups. He has been interested in various fetishes for almost 10 years now, but rubber is his favourite one. At work, he is managing adverting campaigns. His hobbies include film, music, and cooking.

Michał would like to prove that a bear-identifying man can also become Mister Rubber Poland and that the title is not exclusive to any particular physique. He dreams of launching a rubber channel on YouTube. Although Michał has been part of Polish bear and leather scenes for years, he hasn’t had much experience with rubber yet. He admits that he simply fell in love with it and just can’t imagine living without it now.

Kacper would like to continue his activities within the PLAY group integrating rubber community and fetish events further. He dreams of a world where everyone is able to find their own safe fetish space easily. He also wants to help break stereotypes about fetishes. He started his adventure with rubber in 2019. He is a software developer by profession. He likes to spend his free time working out at the gym, exploring nature, and watching movies and TV series.