The following candidates have applied to participate in the Mister Leatherman Poland 2023 and Mister Rubber Poland 2023 elections:

His head is full of different ideas, no challenge is a problem for him. It doesn’t matter if he has to cook or bake something, he will do it with great willingness and will enjoy it. In his free time he grows plants, his greatest friend is Bougainvillea. When he needs some adrenaline, he doesn’t hesitate long and chooses skiing. If he has left the city, he is probably hiding on a sunny beach drinking a drink with a palm.

KROSS, Candidate No. 2

His life is full of freedom mixed with analysis. At work he analyzes data, and in his free time he takes analog photos and listens to music from vinyl records, an analog source. He navigates his life in such a way that he can always have a little fun. He lives in Bristol, but comes from Warsaw. According to him, fetishists are persistent people who can enjoy their own corporeality.

In addition to his interest in rubber matters and their Dragon surroundings, his head is occupied with various activities. In his free time, he creates 3D models, mainly of the architecture of his city. When cooking, he likes to focus on exotic cuisines, while learning about the culture related to the place of origin of a given dish. If you don’t know what he’s doing, he’s probably building another building in Minecraft, a metropolis in Anno 1800, or a superpower in Stellaris. He likes spending time with people he values and respects, preferably combining rubber with other interests.

Nothing can be hidden from him – even the smallest Lego brick must find its place. In addition to building LEGO sets, he likes spending time with friends playing board games. He is interested in Southeast Asia and likes to visit it. If he doesn’t reply to you, he’s probably tied up and relaxing among the ropes. When he has some free time and his hands are not tied, he likes to surf the Internet and follow the latest technologies.

For Kacper, rubber is not only a fetish, but also fashion. The clothes she wears must stand out from the crowd and have that “something” about them. What is important to him is the quality of content, not quantity. By day he is an iOS developer. He spends his free time mainly at the gym, but also in nature or in shopping centers. He loves memes, his favorite movie is “Asterix Obelix: Mission Cleopatra” and his favorite internet show is “UNHhhh”.

A 34-year-old resident of Wrocław, he has a wide range of interests, ranging from cats and their lives, through technologies, to electronic games and tabletop. It is in the classic BLUF style, broken with colors. He would like to be remembered as the “red cat” who always wears leather. Winning would allow him to feel acceptance of his style by the community and allow him to inspire others to overcome their fears as well. He would also like to strengthen the visibility of the Polish community at international events.

44-year-old, from Poznań, living in Dublin, his interests are motorcycles and traveling. His favorite style is the classic black BLUF style, referring to the work of Tom of Finland. If he wins, he would like to proudly represent Poland and support and patronize fetish activities in Poland and around the world. Winning would be an honor for him, but it would also be a challenge and a big responsibility.

MICHAŁ, Candidate No. 3

A 34-year-old who lives in Hamburg, his passions are gardening, barbering and modeling. His style is inspired by classic black leather straight from Tom of Finland’s drawings. As a mister, he would like to be open to people, inspire people to be open and be themselves, and be willing to spend better and worse moments with them. Winning would be a special distinction for him, due to, as he emphasizes, his “short experience in the community”

A forty-eight-year-old from Krakow who, outside of Krakow, is interested in broad natural sciences and interpersonal relations. I feel best in leather with colorful accessories, without a strong style.
If he wins, he would like to inspire others to take a step towards coming out of the closet with their fetish. Winning would be a great honor for him, but also a responsibility.

The candidate resigned from the elections for personal reasons. SMS votes cast for him were invalidated.