Przemek comes from a small village in Podkarpacie, but currently lives in Warsaw. If he had to describe himself in two words, they would be “kinky nerd”. He loves board and computer games, reads hard fantasy books and watches films and series on similar topics. In her free time, she also likes watching anime, baking and cooking. He enjoys his hobbies even more when he can combine them with wearing latex. In 2019, he won the title of Mister Rubber, which allowed him to meet many people with similar interests, both more and less fetish ones.

A man of many talents, fascinated by the subject of voice emission. For over 20 years, he has been looking into what fate will bring to those who want to find out. He plays computer games, is interested in technological innovations, follows changes in legal regulations, and runs the office and accounting of a non-governmental organization. She sings, dances, recites and cooks. Beginning performer.

Mr Polish Leather 2019, 2020 and 2021, who, apart from his love for leather, also likes to wear rubber sometimes. In his free time, he chooses a good book, a nice movie (not always serious) and listens to 80’s music.

The first Mister Fetish Poland, present on the Polish fetish scene for over a decade, organizer of leather community meetings on the occasion of the Mr Bear Poland elections, co-organizer of fetish events in Poznań and more. As a juror, he will pay attention to the consistency of the candidates’ styling, assess their involvement in the fetish community and their ideas for international promotion.

Ash Pocalypse is a representative of the Polish puppy play community. Queer active as a visual artist, sex educator, HIV activist, performer and post-porn actor. Mainly a dog person, he describes himself as a multi-fetishist who combines the world of kinksters with queer art and culture.

Bartek – Mister Leatherman Poland 2022, member of the Polish Leather Uniform Group. In his opinion, Fetish + art is the best mix. Butoman says this about himself because, in his opinion, shoes are the basis of a leather man. Creative work and travel occupy a significant part of his reality. His favorites are always Sean Connery and Umberto Eco.

By origin – Greater Poland, Pole, European – proudly representing Berlin and Germany as Mister Leather Berlin 2022 and Mister Fetish Germany. Official candidate for the IML 2023 elections in Chicago. Even though Berlin is his home, he always tries to support and promote the Polish leather community.

Bear lover with Mr Chaser Poland sash. He has been active in the bear community for many years and has also been a member of the leather community for over a year, effectively combining the bear and fetish communities. On a daily basis, he is a father to his daughters, professionally – an IT specialist who likes games and traveling.

He has always been associated with the Polish leather community, an authority in the field of leather as a material. Appreciated and also known abroad, thanks to his passion, many people have become lovers of leather and leather fetish. He makes leather products as a hobby and, as the urban legend says, if you don’t have something made by Ryszard in your wardrobe, your friends probably do…

A man of several fetishes, visible and present in our community for several years. Participant of many fetish events, co-organizer of some of them. Founding member of the Polish Leather Uniform Group Association and member of the Chapter of the Refform Foundation, co-organizer of the elections.