You are all welcome guests during the Warsaw Fetish Weekend – however, we must remember that this is a fetish event… At this type of events around the world, participants are required to wear, for example, strictly defined clothing (i.e. dress code). Warsaw Fetish Weekend is no exception in this respect.

The only thing we expect is the unambiguous fetishism of your clothing. We don’t care what specific brand your outfit is. We realize that, especially for people starting their fetish adventure, putting together a full outfit is an expensive challenge, so you can wear any fetish items – as long as your outfit is coherent and complete.

We require strict fetish clothing during the event on Saturday, April 27. On Friday, April 26, you can come dressed in any way you want, although we strongly recommend fetish clothing on this day as well.

In the graphics below you will find examples of fetish stylings in accordance with the dress code adopted by the organizers. Remember that these are just some of the acceptable clothes and styles. If you have any doubts about whether your clothes will be appropriate, please contact us!